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The STATEMAP component of the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program (NGCMP) has twelve criteria as a basis for awarding grants.  Colorado's Geologic Mapping Advisory Committee (GMAC) took those twelve criteria and ranked them in order of importance to Colorado as a guide for making decisions about what and where to map in the state. The GMAC uses those criteria in ranking the individual quadrangles that are proposed for mapping each year.

Table 1.  STATEMAP Criteria for Geologic Mapping as Prioritized for Colorado


1.     Land use evaluation and planning for environmental protection

2.     Design and construction of infrastructure requirements such as utility lifelines, transportation corridors, and surface water impoundments

3.     Reducing losses from landslides and other ground failures

4.     Exploration for and development of water resources

5.     Basic earth-science research

6.     Exploration for and development of energy resources

7.     Exploration for and development of mineral resources

8.     Siting of critical facilities

9.     Screening and characterizing sites for toxic and nuclear waste disposal

10.    Earthquake hazards reduction

11.    Mitigating effects of coastal and stream erosion

12.    Predicting volcanic hazards


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