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Mine Subsidence Information Center (MSIC) 

The CGS staffs and operates the Mine Subsidence Information Center (MSIC) out of its main office at 1313 Sherman Street, Room 715, in Denver. The MSIC is a resource and reference library that contains coal mine maps, mine subsidence research studies and maps, technical reports and investigations, books, and a work space.

The MSIC is funded by a federal grant from the Office of Surface Mining (OSM), passed through the Colorado Division of Minerals and Geology (DMG) as part of its annual Abandoned Mine Land Grant. Its operating budget estimate reflects the actual costs of running the Center, plus CGS administrative costs, mandatory DNR-EDO indirect costs for grants, and leased space. In 2004, the funding was $18,500.

The operation of the MSIC primarily involves responding, at no charge, to requests for general subsidence information from the public. This includes arranging for and providing copies of selected maps to requestors (who are charged for the cost of reproduction). The CGS staff also enlarges, within the available budget, the reference library, organizes materials for efficient retrieval, and maintains access and usage control of reference materials. Official professional opinions on the type and risk of subsidence related to underground coal mines rendered for or on behalf of real estate development, sale, or transfer are beyond the scope of the grant.

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