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CGS has an Earthquake Reference Collection (ERC) which contains more than 500 references to earthquakes and faulting within the state, some rather hard to find in most libraries. The collection can be visited in our office at 1313 Sherman Street by appointment.  To access the ERC bibliography and those publications that are offered online as PDFs, use the options below.

For assistance, click on How To Use the Earthquake Reference Collection.

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Result of type: document24k_geomaps_statewide_poster_2011sep_red.pdf
!H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H!H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H!H !H !H !H!H !H !H !H !H!H !H!H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H …
Result of type: documentHow To Use the ERC
Colorado Department of Natural Resources Welcome Site Actions Home Bookstore Maps Volunteer FAQ Contact Search CGS About CGS Expand About CGS Avalanche Info Center Expand Avalanche Info Center Colorado …
Result of type: document1998 IS-46.pdf
:xs-4(. S n o w & A v a l a n c h e * C G S A n n u a l R e p o r t 1 9 9 7 -9 8 C o l o r a d o A v a l a n c h e K t i o n e n t e r C o l o r a do Geological S u r v ey Department of N a t u r a l R …
Result of type: documentMicrosoft Word - glenwood guide book2000V2.doc
Canyon Creek/Storm King Mountain Overlook
Result of type: document1988 IS 28.pdf
S N O W A N D A V A L A N C H E C O L O R A D O A V A L A N C H E I N F O R M A T I O N C E N T ER A N N U A L R E P O R T 1 9 8 7 -8 8 C O L O R A D O G E O L O G I C A L S U R V EY C O L O R A D O D …
File with extension: pdfchapter 16.pdf
… 1.6 STORM SEWER SYSTEMS............................................................................ …
Result of type: document1991 IS-34.pdf
S n o w & A v a l a n c h e IS-34 C o l o r a d o * H A v a l a n c h e I n f o r m a t i o n C e n t e r A n n u a l R e p o r t 1 9 9 0 -9 1 o r a do -D e p a r t m e n t of N a t u r a l R e s o u r …
Result of type: documentDivision 5 Annual Report
… of Green Mountain Reservoir for 2009 – Interim Policy B. Graph 2009 Green Mountain Reservoir HUP Op …
Result of type: documentView Entire Collection
… Southern Rocky Mountain seismic source zones; summary of workshop convened January 23-24, 1980, 'in …




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