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CGS has an Earthquake Reference Collection (ERC) which contains more than 500 references to earthquakes and faulting within the state, some rather hard to find in most libraries. The collection can be visited in our office at 1313 Sherman Street by appointment.  To access the ERC bibliography and those publications that are offered online as PDFs, use the options below.

For assistance, click on How To Use the Earthquake Reference Collection.

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Result of type: documentCEHMC Minutes 3-18-2010
… Documents-Past NEHRP and SEOC were in parallel NEHRP fed into ASCE7 (seismic) NEHRP fed into Standa …
Result of type: documentCEHMC _MINUTES_5-19-11.pdf
CGS has received NEHRP funding in the past.
Result of type: documentCEHMC _MINUTES_7-21-11_Draft.pdf
Tom-Maybe structure this for funding outside of NEHRP, looking for more localized funding.
Result of type: documentCEHMC _MINUTES_7-15-10_updated.pdf
NEHRP Regions 2003 Three regions based on fault sources and seismicity, they are:
Result of type: documentHow To Use the ERC
National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP)
Result of type: documentCEHMC_MINUTES_9-15-11.pdf
Marilyn-Use of NEHRP money-DEM will throw $2000 into the contracts and require an earthquake section …
Result of type: documentrtv5n2.pdf
1 This is a typical response when a CGS scientist tells someone that he or she is engaged in earthquake hazard research. Following the recent magnitude 6.8 earthquake in Seattle, media reporters in Denver …
Result of type: documentView Entire Collection
Colorado Department of Natural Resources Welcome Site Actions Home Bookstore Maps Volunteer FAQ Contact Search CGS About CGS Expand About CGS Avalanche Info Center Expand Avalanche Info Center Colorado …
Result of type: documentrtv5n1.pdf
A NEHRP grant was also awarded to Vince Matthews, Jim McCalpin, and Matt Morgan for collaborative st …




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