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CO2 Sequestration, or - - - Carbon, Capture, and Storage (CCS) 

Map of the seven regional partnerships sponsored by the Department of Energy. Southwest partnership is shown in brownSince 2003, CGS has participated in the Southwest Partnership for Carbon Sequestration (SWP). The partnerships are tasked with (1) identifying all suitable sources and sinks for their specific regions, (2) creating action plans for regulatory, liability, environmental, and outreach issues, (3) establishing monitoring and verification protocols, (4) validating sequestration technology and availability of infrastructure, and (5) determining the benefits of sequestration within their respective regions.

Pictured right: Map of the seven regional partnerships sponsored by the Department of Energy. Southwest partnership is shown in brown

SWP's primary goal is to determine an optimum strategy for minimizing greenhouse gas intensity in the southwestern portion of the U.S. The SWP is led by the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NMT) and comprises a large, diverse group of expert organizations and individuals specializing in carbon sequestration science and engineering, as well as public policy and outreach. These partners include 21 state government agencies and universities, five major electric utility industries, several oil, gas and coal companies, three federal agencies, the Navajo Nation, and several non-government organizations. CGS is the only participant in the state of Colorado.

CGS report on phase 1 of the Southwest partnership for carbon sequestration.In 2007, CGS published the results of the first phase of the SWP which was to estimate the storage potential in all geologic sequestration targets within a 30 mile radius around the significant CO2 emitters in the state. Click here for the Executive Summary.

In 2009-2010 CGS began a DOE-sponsored, characterization project near Craig. This $11 million project is a collaboration between four state geologic surveys, University research center, and industry partners. The principal investigators for the project are Colorado State Geologist Vince Matthews and University of Utah Professor Brian McPherson. To learn more about the project, click here.

To learn about geologic sequstration, click here. 











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