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State Parks 

A tour of Colorado’s 40+ State Parks would give you a great taste of our diverse and spectacular geology.  In these parks you can observe the fallout from the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, spectacular glacial features, basalt lava flows, folds, faults, magnificently exposed igneous dikes, an interesting graben, the highest sand dune on the North American continent, a lunette sand dune, metamorphic rocks, volcanic rhyolite domes, shales of the Great Interior Seaway, a travertine dam, the Grand Hogback, deep gorges, laccoliths, monoclines, ancient sand dunes, landslides, oil shale, an 11,000-foot-high basalt-capped mesa, granites of Colorado’s largest batholith, sedimentary rocks of the Book Cliffs, abandoned coke ovens from a once-prolific coal mining region, beautifully exposed contact-metamorphism, rock glaciers, ancient beach deposits, debris-flow boulder trains,cannonball concretions, burrows of 90-million-year-old animals, a striking igneous plug, and the Great Unconformity: just to list a few.

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